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5 Tips To Extend Kratom Shelf Life

5 Tips To Extend Kratom Shelf Life

Kratom is a precious herb native to the South East Asian regions. It is a staple plant popular in this area for several spectacular benefits, including cold and pain relief. The medicinal herb recently made its way into western countries, where it is widely used in capsule or loose powder forms. More users are trying to utilize these products to improve focus, enhance concentration, relieve pain and stress, enhance sleep quality, and enjoy several other benefits. Investing in bulk quantities may therefore seem like the economical option for them.

But this raises a crucial question about the product`s optimal usage time. As a herbal supplement, using it well within its shelf life is vital to increase the safety and efficacy of the product. But what is the shelf life of kratom powder, and how do we improve this naturally?


What Is the Shelf Life of Kratom?

The natural shelf life of kratom powder was about two to three weeks in the early times before the introduction of advanced processing and packaging techniques. Today, you may easily find products that may last between one to three months. The powder or product may not technically go bad or spoil beyond this shelf-life period.  But you may experience that it is not as fresh or effective like the way it was intended to be when you shopped from the best kratom vendors.

So how do we go about increasing the shelf life of kratom? The most straightforward answer would be to prepare, process, and store it better to last longer.


1. Only Invest in Fresh Stock

Whether you purchase kratom powder, capsule, tincture, or tea, the golden rule is to always go for the freshest stock available. The shelf life of the products starts to count from the day of production. So, the closer the product is to the manufacturing date, the longer you can utilize it at home.

You can look for vendors who have local sourcing options or those with minimal shipping time. In the case of online shops, make sure the brands have experience and specialization in working with the herb to get the best quality freshly delivered. Avoid mixing your new and old kratom batches, and keep the product sealed in its original packaging until you begin to use it.

Only Invest in Fresh Stock


2. Look for Smart Storage Equipment

Oxygen and moisture are both troubles when it comes to the shelf life of kratom. Warm temperatures tend to speed up the degradation process. It also starts to create a dry texture in the powder. Moisture can also have a drastic effect on kratom. It could encourage mold formation that would cause you to toss the complete batch.

So go for intelligent storage solutions like air-tight containers that can keep water and warm temperature away. Make sure to seal the lid properly before keeping it away for the best benefits. Remember not to use a wet spoon or other articles on the powder, as it could spoil the product. Vacuum bags are a wonderful choice for long-term storage. It helps remove air from the package and can prevent oxidative damage.


3. Choose Where to Store Wisely

Kratom is home to 20 exceptional compounds known as alkaloids. These chemicals are responsible for the many beautiful benefits possible from using the herb. Unfortunately, these chemicals are photosensitive, which means exposure to too much light can cause the early breaking of molecular bonds and loss of potency.

Choose Where to Store Wisely

Storing the kratom package away from light is critical to extending its shelf life. Keep the storage jars in a cold, dry, dark place at home. You can place it at the back of your closet, storage cabinet, or wardrobe to keep the product safe. Be careful not to keep it next to things with a strong odor, such as cleaning products, essential oils, and perfumes, as it could affect the natural characteristics of the herb.


4. Avoid Freezing

Placing items in the fridge seems like an effective way of increasing product storage or shelf life. But when it comes to most herbal products, the chances of introducing moisture when you freeze are very high.

Typically, when you are defreezing the product, there is condensation that leaves behind water molecules. These molecules could settle on the product and increase the chances of mold formation. This way, freezing the product may end up degrading it. For the same reason, avoid placing the jars in bathrooms or laundry rooms. Make sure to store the herb at a controlled temperature for the best benefits.

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5. Process It

One simple method to increase kratom shelf life could be to process it into your food. You can add it to your tea, juice, or other foods and refrigerate it to let the product last for a long. But remember, it could still affect the efficacy of the product.

Process It

When in doubt about the quality of kratom, the best choice is to buy a new batch. A strong or strange odor, discoloration, and mold development indicate degradation. Avoid using this batch as it may sometimes be ineffective or even harmful. Invest in a fresh and high-quality batch to continue to enjoy the benefits.



The spectacular benefits of kratom may encourage you to invest in bulk. But ensuring that you utilize it well within its shelf life is necessary for a safe and efficient experience. Use these tips to naturally enhance the shelf life of your kratom products for the best benefits.