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Top 7 Big Reasons to Study Abroad

Top 7 Big Reasons to Study Abroad

I can bet that you have met at least one person who boasts about the pros of studying abroad. I can almost hear you saying how much you wished it were you! Chances are that you want to convince your parents to book you a ticket to your dreamland or looking for more reasons to back up the decision to move to a foreign country to study. In either case, keep reading as I have listed 7 great reasons that will leave you eager to fill the application form to your choicest college.

Become A Global Citizen

Living in times when the world is increasingly globalizing, you can miss out on significant aspects of life if you spend all of it in your native place. This is indeed a big world!

All humans serve a purpose here, but they often fail to recognize it. So, if you wish to find your place on the planet and are seeking why you are here, travelling to a different country can give a new twist to your vision.

It will help you look at yourself with a unique perspective and discover more layers to your personality. In addition, the diversity will impart a sense of respect and responsibility to you, making you a global citizen.


Boost Your Confidence

Imagine managing every meal of the day on your own, going to the supermarket alone, or dealing with all sorts of daily chores. Hey, did I overwhelm you? I agree this sounds a bit intimidating, but it helps you grow as a person in unexpected ways.

Catering to your everyday need will not only make you feel independent but also give you confidence. And when you realize how well you are looking after everything, give yourself a pat!

I say this because it is not easy when you start. You may feel overworked or exhausted, but gradually, you will get hold of things. It is only when you come out of that cocoon that you know what you are capable of!


Learn A New Language

When you travel abroad, it is a no-brainer that you will be surrounded by people who speak a language not native to you. Rather than being afraid of the challenge, why not tap the opportunity by learning a second language, or maybe a third!

From ordering coffee to greeting your neighbours, start small and gradually take in words. It will ease your stay in the country, and you will connect better with your peers. I am not telling you to abandon your mother tongue, but an additional language will undoubtedly increase your chances of landing clients looking for bilingual individuals.


Make Life-long Friends

If you plan to travel abroad to study, I am sure you will spend most of the time taking classes. So now, I won’t talk about boring stuff but think about all those new people you can meet in your classroom or college.

Your classmates will most likely have different cultures, backgrounds, and interests for you to learn from. You can even try out new adventures and discover new hobbies. The list of stories they will have to share is endless.

And if you are stressed about how you will break the ice, then let me raise the veils for you. Colleges organize numerous fests and events to help students socialize. Let us not forget all the group projects you will be working on.


Buck Up Your CV

Mention of a renowned international university on your CV can set it apart from thousands of others, be it a degree in arts, science, or technology. Along with adding coveted skills like knowledge of a second language, adaptability, and communication prowess, it puts forth the idea of your open-mindedness and inclination to explore.

Besides, getting admitted into a sought-after college is an achievement in itself. You also make a note of the internships, projects, and placements, if any. I am sure these additions will make your eligibility for any high-paying job sky-rocket. After all, we study not only to learn but also to earn!

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Travel & Explore

Is it possible to discuss staying in a new country and not mention travelling? You may have visited the country you wish to study in beforehand, but take my words on this, it will be a totally new experience when you actually live there.

Yes, you will visit all the tourist attractions and the famous hotspots, don’t forget the local ones though! These are hidden treasures that you can unearth once you spend enough time there.

You ask more, weekends and term-offs can be utilized visit the nearby cities or even countries if you can afford to. You will unravel old libraries, museums, beautiful landmarks, something you can not on a week-long trip.


Get More Job Opportunities

While some students may work hard for the sole reason of quenching their thirst for knowledge, most of them are focused on getting quality jobs afterwards. Although you can, of course, come back to your motherland after graduating nevertheless, some countries offer post-study work visas to let you extend your time living there.

When you overcome so many obstacles in becoming familiar with the new culture, you should take it a step further and get a job. Having lived in that country for, I assume, a couple of years, you must have made good connections there. And if you happen to study in a good college, getting placed right after finishing won’t be much of a hassle.

If you have read this far, I hope one of the points pulled a string in you. Apart from the ones I mentioned, there are many reasons why you should book a ticket asap. Trust me, alongside getting top-quality education, you will discover a new YOU and a whole different perspective of how you view the world & its issues. The exposure will hit you right in the places it should and carve the best out of you.