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Top 5 Popular Postgraduate Courses in Canada

Home of the reindeer or Christmassy country is calling you. There is a bounty of surprises for international students who want to pursue higher education in Canada. Make the most of the opportunity with the help of postgraduate courses the country’s universities have to offer. Everything has to do with quality education. And, much depends on tuition fees in the country’s universities that are reasonable than universities in Australia, the US, and the UK. There are several international graduate and undergraduate programs for students to choose from.

The fact of the matter is you can secure admission to any university in the country, but making it to the top institutions is quite tough. Interestingly, there are 600,000 overseas students enrolled in different institutions across the country. You can also be one of them. Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are the three best cities to pursue a Master’s program in Canada. Besides, you can explore some of the popular courses to Study in Canada from the list of postgraduate programs, criteria, benefits, and a PR pathway.


List of the Top 5 Most Popular Courses in Canada

1. Business Management

The North American country is a top destination for overseas students who want to join management courses. It is emerging as a favorite hub for every student who wants to opt for a Master’s degree. Similar to the UK and US, it is known for several MBA courses. A degree program is quite affordable than in the United States.


2. Health Science

The pandemic has deprived governments of different nations when it comes to allocating jobs in healthcare sectors. So much so, a postgraduate course in health science adds value to your resume and is immensely gaining popularity. Ideally so, you can select postgraduate courses in Canada for international students as per the subject. It also includes as per the individual’s preference and interest.

It is your interest that lies in studying dental or nursing. In case of confusion, take the help of overseas education consultants for courses and eligibility criteria. Several institutions offer health science as well as technology programs. These include Radiation Therapy, Occupational Health and Safety, and overseas healthcare initiatives. Besides, these programs serve the population.


3.Hospitality Management

Individuals belonging to the hospitality and tourism sectors stand to gain. If you want to earn a name and fame in this industry, you must obtain a postgraduate degree in hospitality and tourism. The degree enhances skills. A lot entails the hospitality management programs that can make dreams to study in Canada dreams come true. Skills inherited help you to work with airlines, travel companies, hotels as well as cruise lines.


4. Science and Engineering

An engineering degree from a Canadian university is beneficial any day. It is known across the globe and gives a competitive edge to all those applying for a job.


5. Information Technology

The IT industry is growing at a fast pace in Canada. When it comes to innovation and creative design, there is no other degree you can ideally think. Information Technology course is beneficial with IT jobs growing with each passing day. Besides, the demand for Information and Computer Technology (ICT) occupations will rise in the next 5 years.


Criteria for a Post-Graduation in Canada

If you want to secure admission to any university, you need to meet the criteria for a Master’s degree in Canada as per the institution where you are enrolling. Some of the requirements include—

1. Bachelor’s Degree

Possess a certificate in Bachelor from the right institute. Without the degree, your chances of getting admission to a reputed institution for a postgraduate course look bleak.


2. Language Test

Get a minimum band of overall 6 in the IELTS Academic Test. The test result acts as concrete evidence to all those who want to clear an English language test that tests their abilities.


3. Work Experience

A work experience of 1-2 years helps gain entry into a Canadian college or university for a postgraduate program.

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Benefits of Completion of Postgraduate Courses

International students have the advantage of working while studying in Canada. One of the benefits is to meet education costs without incurring any debt. Who better  than Canadian education consultants to approach who work out a strategy for you. Soon, you get a fair idea of the criteria and benefits of a postgraduate program.

Every Student has the Right to work Off-Campus with the Following set of Benefits—

  • Possess a study permit
  • The applicant has to be a student on a full-time basis
  • Enrol at a DLI (Designated Learning Institute) at a post-secondary level, or vocational program in Quebec
  • Study in academic, professional, or vocational training program leading to a diploma, certificate, or degree that is of 6-month duration
  • After qualification, the study permit allows students
  • Work to 20 hours every week during academic sessions
  • Work during breaks full-time. It also includes summer or winter holidays, or summer breaks


Canadian Permanent Residency Pathway

The work experience through PGWPP (Post Graduate Work Permit Program) helps every graduate qualify for Canada Permanent Residency through CEC (Canadian Experience Class). Certain provinces like Quebec and British Columbia have several immigration streams that select graduates. Stay tuned to Aussizz Group for comprehensive information on postgraduate courses in Canada.