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What is the ROKA Ceremony at Indian Weddings?

The Indian weddings have quite a lot of rituals and customs before the wedding day. One significant one among them is the Roka ceremony, in other words, the engagement ceremony. The Roka ceremony, according to Indian traditions, marks the declaration of the union of the bride and the groom and their respective families. Though the Roka ceremony is carried out differently in different parts of the country the essential purpose and the meaning of the custom remain the same.

In the Roka ceremony, the family and friends of the bride and the groom are invited and a puja is performed in the name of the couple. The puja is done to seek blessings for the couple and wish them well for their upcoming journey. Although the wedding will fully bind the couple together as a married couple, the Roka ceremony is the pre-cursor to the wedding day. This marks the journey of their togetherness and the wait for the wedding ceremony starts.

In a Roka ceremony, the families of the groom and the bride get together are relatives-to-be for the first time. They exchange greetings, sweets, dry fruits and gifts and meet people from the families of each side. The puja is conducted and monitored by a priest and the bride and the groom perform the puja as per the instructions of the priest. The holy verses are recited by the priest in the Roka ceremony. The verses are often repeated by both the bride and the groom.


Additionally, after the Roka ceremony, the couple is proclaimed to be engaged. That is to say, in societal terms, the Roka ceremony also starts building the anticipation of the marriage of the bride and groom. They are, therefore, viewed as ‘booked and engaged.’ Roka ceremonies are usually conducted in rented party spaces like banquet halls, resorts, hotels, party halls with lawns, farmhouses, etc.

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