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7 Smart Ways to Boost Gaming Performance

Enjoying your favorite hobby can brighten up an otherwise dull lifestyle. While some people like gardening, cooking or even reading, most people can’t imagine doing anything else but playing their favorite online multiplayer games. Any gamer needs a fast PC. If your system keeps freezing, your gaming experience will suffer. The graphics might lag or won’t load at all. However, purchasing a top-of-the-line computer is not always possible.

On Windows, there are several ways to enhance your laptop gaming setup. However, upgrading software and hardware isn’t the only way to boost performance. Your mental toughness and responsiveness also play a vital part in determining your gaming performance. Here are seven ways gamers can ensure an exceptional gaming experience.

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1.   Turn On Windows Game Mode

The Xbox app for Windows 10 and later provides capabilities such as screen recording, streaming, and Game Mode. Activating the Game Bar and Game Mode on your laptop might help you optimize it for gaming and boost performance. Some background tasks may be closed or suspended as a result of this. You can always tweak the background visual effects settings to improve PC performance. Turning off Steam’s auto-updates can also improve the overall game experience of games like drift hunters 2.


2.   Upgrade Laptop for Better Gaming Experience

While laptops are limited in their upgrade capability, you still have the option to upgrade the following three components:

  • RAM: Increased memory capacity and speed can have a significant impact.
  • Storage: Upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD) or fast M.2 storage will improve gaming performance dramatically.
  • Battery: With the full settings enabled, low-quality batteries cannot run for longer durations.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a low-cost improvement, consider investing in a gaming-specific external keyboard and mouse.


3.   Updated Drivers Optimize Gaming Performance

Updating graphics drivers is the best approach to improve gaming performance and experience. Users must keep device drivers up to date regardless of the operating system. When it comes to graphic drivers, make sure that your GPU management software is set to update automatically. Also, ensure your controller and audio drivers are of the latest version.


4.   Keep Your Laptop Clean and Dust-Free

With a proactive attitude toward physical upkeep, you’ll only enjoy an increased performance on your laptop. Residues can limit airflow, resulting in system overheating that can affect your gaming performance.

The processor, GPU, and other components may slow down as the temperature rises. Getting rid of the dust is the best way to go. Unlike desktops that are easy to clean, laptops are often compact, and the only way to clean them is to employ some concrete cleaning methods. But it’s not just your laptop’s vents that need to be kept clear. If you use your keyboard frequently, make sure no dust creates sticky keys.


5.   Manage Automatic Windows Updates

Windows automatically upgrades the operating system to fix security loopholes and offer new functions. However, the scenario becomes irritating when Windows updates your system without notifying you while you’re playing, reducing your internet connectivity. Follow the mentioned steps to stop automatic Windows updates.

  • Step 1: Select the Update and Security sub-setting in the Windows Settings app.
  • Step 2: Look for Advanced options in the Windows Update area and select them.
  • Step 3: To delay the installation of updates, scroll down to the Pause updates area and use the drop-down option.

Additionally, with the help of the Windows Focus Assist feature, you can control how and when you get notifications. Use the function to change the settings only to receive notifications when you want them.


6.   Check Your Network Speed for Online Gaming

One factor to consider is your internet connection speed when playing multiplayer games. Lagging is the most common source of online gaming problems, often resulting from poor internet connectivity or a sluggish connection between the laptop and the wireless network. In most situations, changing or updating wireless or LAN drivers to the latest version can solve the issue.

After applying updates, consider connecting to the router via wired Ethernet if nothing changes. You should also evaluate if a gaming router might help you improve your gaming performance.

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7.   Take Supplements to Enhance Brain Power for Gaming

Gamers enjoy playing video games, but they might want to increase their brain response and performance in healthier ways. CBD has proven useful to many gamers in boosting focus and concentration! In addition, many people consume CBD to alleviate pain resulting from sitting long hours gaming. Studies show that CBD is an all-natural option for maintaining cognitive function and preventing mental exhaustion during gameplay. Moreover, it can help enhance focus and sleep while alleviating anxiety and stress and avoiding impulsive decisions.

Various CBD products that you can use to improve your gaming experience are available on the market. However, ensure purchasing only high-quality CBD products from authentic sellers like Sunday Scaries for maximum benefits. You can enjoy laser-like focus, relaxed nerves, and a refreshing feeling in whatever you do.



Upgrading your hardware on a desktop computer can significantly influence gaming, but it isn’t often possible with laptops. However, the mentioned tips will help gamers optimize their premium laptop for gaming, ensuring responsive gameplay while boosting performance.