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Apps that Pay You to Play Games – Examples & Overview

There are lots of different ways to make money from your phone. You can try completing surveys, watching videos, and so on. However, playing games is probably the most fun way to put extra cash in your pocket.

If you are spending too much time playing video games and looking to earn some extra cash on the side while doing it, then you need to get yourself a pay-to-play app. Pay-to-play apps work by rewarding users for playing games, downloading apps, or testing out products. They give you points that can be redeemed into gift cards or cash in your account. If you are interested, then there are a variety of pay-to-play apps available today. We’ll go over some of the best apps that pay you to play games.


What are Pay-to-Play Apps

Pay-to-play apps are apps you download onto your phone—the same way you may have downloaded Candy Crush or Angry Birds at some point in your life. Once the app is downloaded, you simply need to open it and start playing the game. It’s a pretty straightforward process—no learning curve necessary. The difference is that most of these apps only feature a menu that consists of video game titles. Also, each game or app comes with a description or task that the user needs to accomplish to earn points.

While every app does it differently, most pay-to-play apps reward players with points as they progress through their games. These points can be redeemed for various rewards after reaching certain thresholds. Generally speaking, the more points you accumulate, the better rewards you get. But even just reaching the lowest threshold will net you something nice!

In most cases, those rewards are in the form of gift cards to popular online retailers like Amazon or iTunes. Some though reward gift cards from services such as Uber; or Starbucks will offer promotions where their own gift cards will be available as prizes, too.


Popular Apps that Pay You to Play Games

Now, you might think that getting paid to play games sounds too good to be true or absurd, it’s not a complete scam or just a bunch of lies. This page will show you some real apps that make you earn money by playing games. All the apps listed below are legit and make payments on time.

Free Cash

Free Cash is one of the most popular finance apps that pays its users to play games. Downloading this app will give you a chance to earn an average of $17 per day. Free Cash is also the fastest-growing website that pays real money to its users. To start earning, the first thing that you need to do is download the app to your phone or any device where the app is available. You can start using the app immediately after the installation. Free Cash features video games from all genres giving you a huge catalog of titles to choose from.


Make Money

Make Money, as the title suggests, is another pay-to-play app that will allow you to earn cash just by playing video games. Make Money was launched in 2019 by TV-TWO GMBH and since then, the game has managed to accumulate millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of distinctions from satisfied users across the globe. This app currently has a near-perfect overall rating of 4.7/5 on Android. You can download this app on your phone or any device available.



Mistplay is a pay-to-play app that comes with a straightforward design. This means that the app does not come with a lot of disclaimers, fine prints, and other agreements that make earning and redeeming a pain. To start earning, all you need to do is download the Mistplay app on your mobile or other devices. After downloading, you can begin earning by choosing the game you want to play from their list. All games featured in the app are free-to-play games which means that all you need to do is invest your time in it.



PlaySpot is another highly-rated app that pays real money and gift cards to its users. Players will have a choice to redeem their points via Amazon Card or it can also be sent directly to their PayPal account. In addition to playing games, PlaySpot also allows its users to take surveys and watch videos to earn money. PlaySpot is the best app to download if you have the patience to answer surveys and watch videos.


PlaySpot Promotional Banner

Downloading and installing the app is usually enough for you to start raking in rewards points into your account. Whether it’s by downloading specific games from the App Store or IOS, there are plenty of ways to get started earning rewards points today!


The Origin of Pay-to-Play Apps

Pay-to-play apps have been around for less than five years, and the first app on the market was launched in 2014 by a man named Daniel Chin. He was trying to find a way to monetize his creative work. The idea caught on quickly, and now there are over three million people worldwide who currently use pay-to-play games. Why? Because they’re fun, easy, and profitable. If you’re wondering how apps that pay you to play games came to be, wonder no more—it’s a tale as old as time.

Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum or Duodecim Scripta Image courtesy of Ancient Games

If you look far enough back in history, you’ll find that their roots date all the way back to Ancient Egypt. A popular board game of the era was played by two players on a board marked with 24 spaces. Each player had 30 pieces or “men”, which moved around the board according to dice rolls. The winner was determined by who captured all of their opponent’s pieces or blocked them from making any other moves. Players could also purchase extra men for five debens (coins).

Does the game sound familiar? The game we’re talking about is Senet or Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum which resembles the modern-day board game, Backgammon. While no one’s sure why this game became so popular across ancient civilizations, historians now theorize that it may have been because people were able to gamble on the outcome of matches played between two opponents. And because gambling was such a prevalent and lucrative pastime in ancient Egypt, this theory makes perfect sense!

So, if Senet and Backgammon started as gambling apps that paid users to play games in exchange for coins more than 3,000 years ago and they still exist today (in our case at least), then what are some other notable milestones along this timeline? Well, let’s start with perhaps the most famous app in history: Angry Birds (2009). Since then, there have been hundreds of thousands of spinoff games including Temple Run (2011), and Candy Crush Saga (2012).

Today, the video game industry is packed with free games to download. Even better is that you can now earn some extra cash on the side by just playing them. So, what are you waiting for? Get your own pay-to-play apps today!