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Facebook Ads vs. Google Ad Words: Which One is Best for Business?

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ad Words: Which One is Best for Business?

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ad Words: Which One is Best for Business?

“Facebook Ads vs Google Ad Words”, which is more effective for my business?” this question always asked by lots of clients to digital marketing professionals, and nearly every time they have the same reply – it depends! Both of them are excellent, and yes one can be superior to the other based on the business, the audience, and the objectives. Let’s have a look.

Why Advertising Online is Important for Business?

In case you have now to begin advertising the business online then you should truly reevaluate. Nowadays online ad spending has grown so considerably that it is expecting to surpass spending on print advertisements. If you think that investing in online advertisements is a waste of money, then you are losing out on all the advantages that online advertising provides.

According to a, the average person will spend above six years and eight months of their lifetime searching social media – platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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What are the Differences Between Facebook Ads vs. Google Ad Words?

We know that small businesses usually have a small marketing budget, and selecting where to utilize their ad spend money can be very difficult. Before look at the different advantages and features of Facebook Ads vs. Google Ad Words, it’s important to know the main difference between the two online ad platforms.


What is Google Ad Words?

Google Ads, formerly referred to as Google Ad Words, is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that operates advertisements, paid for by businesses. These ads come in the search results on, or any other websites via Google’s Search Associates or Display Community.

The main of Google Ad Words is the Search Community, allowing advertisers to show their businesses’ ads to users who are positively searching for services or products that your business provides.

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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a key type of what is known as “paid social,” or the application of advertising on social networks. With the maximum number of monthly active users associated with a social network in the world, Facebook has turned into an extremely competitive and possibly profitable aspect of many businesses’ digital advertising methods.


Therefore, What type provides a better ROI?

For a business owner, the question on Facebook Ads vs. Google Ad Words comes from one thing and one thing only – which of these two alternatives will provide the most revenue?

For this reason, LBD Marketing gets this Infographic to make a hard choice simple.

Utilize data from both platforms conversely where you can, but remember that the set on each platform is different. You’ll still require to analyze to find what works ideal.