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Five Amazing Indian Spin Bowlers: Who Have Taken The Most Wickets In Test Matches

To join an elite club, you have to learn how to spin well, and only the best players can use this skill to compete with the real titans of the game. In the longer version of the game, when the hitters are not in a hurry to score, the spinners may get more and more upset if they can’t find ways to break through the defences of the other team. This is because the batters are not trying to score quickly. 

According to cricket related news, spin is a unique art that can only be used against the game’s titans by players who have mastered it to the highest level. Due to the longer length of the game, spinners may get frustrated if they can’t find holes in the defense or surprise the batters. This is because batters won’t be in such a hurry to score when the game is longer.

On the cricket field, the Indian spin is something new, just as each country has its playing surface. When a team arrives in India, they are met by a scary whirlwind in which the ball goes both left and right at random.

The two of them broke batting order after batting order, and some of their victims were well-known people from all over the world. After the two players retired, India had to find players who were just as good to replace them. In this essay, the legends of a unique skill that once brought Australia to its knees and started a new era in Indian cricket will be honored. It was because of this boat that Indian cricket moved into a new era.


1. Ravichandran Ashwin –

Ravichandran Ashwin, who is currently India’s best off-spinner, is in the driver’s seat among modern spinners and is miles ahead of the rest. Even though his performances abroad were criticized, he has shown promising signs of a strong comeback since the fight in Australia in December of the year before.

He has played in 79 Test matches and taken 413 wickets, which is an amazing average of 24.56. This is better than the averages of both Kumble and Harbhajan put together, even though Harbhajan and Kumble are the best bowlers in the longest form of cricket online. His average is higher than both of theirs put together.


2. Ravindra Jadeja –

Jadeja doesn’t have a lot of responsibility in the bowling attack for whatever reason. Kohli has a lot of faith in him because of how he plays the game. So far, he hasn’t been able to let Kohli down. Even so, after he finished his first level, he was brought into the team and given a lot of bowling duties.

He bowls with his left arm and tends to take wickets by nature. His left arm is the one he uses most when he bowls. In 53 Tests, the southpaw has gotten 221 kills, including 9 hauls of five or more wickets. Because of his impressive stats, which include a 24.64 batting average, he is often a key part of unusual batting lineups.


 3. Axar Patel –

Article have concluded that it is too early and that the narrative of this individual does not contain any of the unexpected turns and twists that one would anticipate from a spinner. On the other hand, he is well-known for the malicious skits that he performs. Anil Kumble is the most recent bowler to use this tactic with any degree of success. He capitalizes on his height by hitting the ground hard, which forces batters to drop their bats and gives him an advantage in the game.

The fact that he has only participated in three matches makes the impressiveness of his statistics even more apparent, especially when one considers how one-sided the match between India and England felt. He has taken 27 wickets in three Test matches, averaging more than 10 runs per wicket. This is not to take anything away from the big guy, who has accomplished this feat. The fact that he has already made the biggest fear of the English team come true by taking four fajitas, and he is still giving them trouble, is a sign of how dangerous he is.

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4. Washington Sundar –

Even though he had a batting average of 66 against Australia, he is primarily recognized for his skill as a spinner. One of the few well-known Indian spinners who still practice the art form, which is at risk of being lost, Sundar is one of them.

In the four test matches that have been played so far, he has collected seven wickets. His best performance came against Australia when they were competing in a game on their home turf. He took three wickets in that match. Even though he needs to play more games before anyone can judge him, they can still say that in addition to his skills as a batsman, he has the potential to be a good turner for the team. This is even though everyone needs to wait until he has played more games before they can pass judgment on him. This is true even though everyone requires more practice before they can make an objective assessment of the situation.


5. Kuldeep Yadav –

It is not simple to win a chinaman spinner’s favor. This can be a challenging task. Only one person of this type—a professional bowler—has ever had a significant impact on the history of the bowling world, and his name is Brad Hogg. Even though he played exceptionally well in his most recent test match against Australia, he was not allowed to return to the national squad since he has been in a foul temper as of late.

If a guy’s bowling style enables him to get 26 wickets in just seven games, there is unmistakable evidence that he is an extremely talented player. He can spin the ball in either direction, and his googly is a weapon that has the potential to be lethal. Concluding won’t be simple, but in my opinion, he should have been given a lot more opportunities to prove himself.