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Healthy go-to Snacks for your Modern Lifestyle

A few things to remember when it involves snacking is, we usually tend to snack with the entire packet rather than taking it in portions in a dish or a serving bowl, which is why we tend to overeat. Most of the time snacking happens at odd hours to curb the hunger that is not present but just our brain telling us we need that food. In such situations, one ought to resort to healthy snacking with food items that are low on calories, fiber and do not contain the unnecessary vitamins and minerals. While some might say that snacking isn’t good for you, if you’re selecting wholesome foods, in the right portions, snacking will be nutritious! Healthy snacks on the go will be a game-changer for your busy days.

Promunch is a healthy and nutritious roasted soya snack which consists of around 48% protein in them. This snack is fusioned with finely sourced herbs and spices, to add a traditional twist. Promunch is the perfect guilt-free snacking option for you, that balances the contemporary lifestyle with an authentic touch. It is available in 3 delectable flavours: Noodle Masala, Peri-Peri, Cheese & Onion.

It is said that any adult ought to consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight and Promunch can be an ideal source to contribute to your body’s protein intake. Not just that, it also curbs your snacking needs and satiates your appetite for a considerable amount of time. With the fast-changing lifestyle it is necessary to get a wholesome intake of our proteins and vitamins for a strong immunity and the ability to fight the chronic illnesses or viral flus. It also proves the point that healthy in fact can be very tasty in some situations, thus there’s no reason one should pass up on this snack.

The search for a good substitute for junk snacks like chips and puffs never gets over. Thankfully, there’s a delicious alternative in the form of makhana. For the health-conscious, it’s a low-calorie choice that is filled with many nutrients like protein, potassium, carbohydrate, fibre, and minerals like magnesium, iron & zinc. Protein bars are also yum and filling. When we think of protein bars, we assume that they will be packaged bars made with many synthetic or artificial ingredients. But, you can also create an Indian version of protein bars with household ingredients like jaggery, almonds, honey, puffed rice & channa, different types of seeds, etc. that you wish to add as per your taste.

Some additional healthy snacks that you can consume are cottage cheese and fruits, pita and hummus, rice crackers and peanut butter, whole grain toast and almond butter, cereal with dairy or soy milk. If you wish to experiment more for your taste-buds you can also eat a quinoa bowl with sweet potatoes, berries, and pecans to give a twist or whole grain crackers with string cheese and fruit. Trail mix is also a healthy alternative- a combination of dried fruit and nuts that’s sometimes combined with chocolate and grains. It’s a good source of protein intake, providing 8 grams in a 2-person serving. The dried fruit and nuts in trail mix make it a very high calorie dish, so it’s important to not eat too much at one time. A handful is a reasonable serving for one adult.

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To substitute chips, veggies are great for snacking, however they’re not very high in protein on their own. You can increase your protein intake by pairing them with yoghurt dip for a savoury delight. Yoghurt dip is typically curated by combining yoghurt with fine herbs and flavourings, like dill and lemon juice. For additional protein, it’s best to use Greek yoghurt, which contains almost double the amount of protein as compared to regular yoghurt.

When it involves healthy Indian snacks, there are multiple guilt-free options available in India such as Promunch. Despite which part of the country you live in, you can easily access these in all parts of the country. Moreover, these quick healthy evening snacks will keep you energetic without adding that extra pounds to your weight and being yummy at the same time.