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How Social Commerce Platform Increase Brands’ Online Sales

As the power of e-commerce is increasing and it has gone to a completely new phase from the past decade, changes in commerce are eventually expected. So what’s new? You may have heard of Social commerce and if not, in this article you will come to know what is Social commerce and what are the benefits of social commerce for brands.

Ecommerce has evolved and spawned into various offshoots in this new digital era. One of the growing offshoots of e-commerce is Social Commerce. Not only is social commerce is growing in this new digital era, but it is making a huge difference in how e-commerce takes place on digital platforms. As per the data of Adweek reports, about 500 retailers make $6.5 billion in revenue just by selling using social commerce.

This shows social commerce is a big opportunity and platform for brands to sell their products and services in this highly competitive environment. So what is social commerce and how it will help brands in increasing their online sales to generate higher revenue?


What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is also called social shopping, where social media platforms and commerce meet together. It is a method by which brands interact with their customers on social media platforms, represent their product or service and give an option to directly buy at the point of interaction. It is a streamlined process for customers in their buying journey and for brands to increase the efficacy of their social media marketing campaigns. Social commerce is increasing because people come to know what the other people are saying about the product directly and then they make a decision to buy the product.

As half of the global population is active on social media it gives a huge opportunity to brands to sell their products and services directly using social media platforms rather than redirecting them to websites or online stores. In other words, Social Commerce is a way to integrate social media and eCommerce while giving users genuine recommendations from real customers giving them social proof and making purchases directly from the social media platform rather than visiting any website.

This drastic change in e-commerce tells that shopping is always influenced by social interaction and people make most of the purchasing decisions when they hear from people, not what the brands are saying about themselves. So let’s learn what are the benefits of using social commerce and how they increase the sales of brands.


Benefits Of Social Commerce Platforms To Brands

If you are looking for how you can use social media platforms for your brand and increasing sales then give a read to the below-given points. This might help you get an idea of how social commerce is beneficial for your brand and how you can use it.

1- Use Social Media Feeds

Social media is a huge platform where people talk about everything. Whether you have a small business or large, there are people talking about you on social media by sharing posts, images, videos, recommendations, or any other form. You can use it for social commerce purposes. You can generate a catchy slogan and use it for social commerce purposes.

Social media platforms give you a huge opportunity to easily collect and curate social media feeds using hashtags and mentions that you can use for marketing purposes that ultimately leads to sales.


2- Make Shoppable Posts

As e-commerce and social media platforms integrate together, giving brands the opportunity to make shoppable posts directly on social media platforms. With today’s social media platforms you can put the product or service along with the users shared social feeds. Placing a buy button option helps customers to make direct purchases from the social media platform.

This is the new addition that is incorporated by the social media platforms helping brands to sell their products on social media. You can use it for your brand, find the post that includes your product and put the direct buy link on the post to make it shoppable.


3- Show Unbiased Review From Real Users

Another benefit of social media platforms for your brand is you can show reviews and recommendations from the real users. As people share their own experience and feelings on social media, all the reviews and recommendations are unbiased.

You collect the social media feeds that reflect the same on their post and use it for social commerce purposes. People like to read what the other people are saying about your product or service instead of what you are saying about your brand.


4- Instant Sales

Another benefit of social commerce is that it helps in making instant sales as users don’t have to visit any website or online store. According to customer psychology study, customers drop their purchasing decision if they have to follow several steps to buy a product. Whereas, if the buying process is simple and less time consuming, customers tend to buy that instantly.

As social commerce offers customers to buy products directly from the social media platform in a few clicks, it helps brands in selling their products and services and generate higher revenue using social media platforms.



Now you have come to know what is social commerce and how it is beneficial for brands in this competitive edge. Create your own social commerce campaign and start selling your product over social media platforms. Social commerce is increasing rapidly and making a huge presence over social media, so don’t miss a chance and use social media platforms to make your brands sell products globally.