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How To Do Reddit Marketing For Brand Awareness?

How To Do Reddit Marketing For Brand Awareness

Reddit Marketing is an emerging way of marketing your brand name on Google. Reddit is an amazing platform to post new content and get a lot of readers directly. Also, your posts and comments on Reddit will be sent on Google as well, making people more aware of your brand name. Therefore, to get started on marketing your brand name on Reddit, you need to learn a basic strategy first. To do so, Read this article now and learn some of the best strategies to market on Reddit.


How To Start With A Basic Reddit Marketing Strategy?

To start with a basic Reddit marketing strategy, you need to learn how to create an account on Reddit.

1)- Create An Account On Reddit

Your first step in creating a Reddit account should be to create an account on Reddit. To do so, simply:

  • Download the Reddit app on your smartphone (available on both iPhone and Android devices).
  • Click on create an account.
  • Add your username. Make this easy to understand but catchy as well, depending on your brand name. If it’s written wrong, do not worry; you can change your username on Reddit later on through the settings.
  • Select a subreddit niche. This depends on what types of the content category you are interested to read and post about. This can be anything ranging from art, lifestyle, fashion, and pets, to even gaming and technology.
  • Click on Done.


That’s it! You have successfully created your Reddit account! Now you can post content here yourself or comment on the content of others. You can follow similar steps on a computer as well. You just do not need to download an application, Instead, you should simply go to the Reddit website.

To make sure your Reddit marketing strategy goes without a hitch, you need to learn how to delete Reddit account on app.  To do so, simply:

  • Go to your profile page.
  • Open your account settings.
  • Select Delete Reddit account.


2)- Find A Niche Subreddit

When you are creating your Reddit account, you have to ensure that you follow a particular niche on Reddit. Depending on your brand and business, you can follow several subreddits. In addition, you must also learn how to post on Reddit.

For example, if you have a brand that deals with beauty products, then you can follow several niche subreddits like fashion, lifestyle, beauty, makeup, and more.

Whatever subreddit you were following, you have to ensure that you have significant knowledge of its topics. This is important because you will be Reddit posting and sporting on other Redditors’ comments based around this niche. Having no knowledge of the niche will only give you and your brand a negative impression in the Reddit community.

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3)- Research And Post Content

Your next step in your Reddit marketing strategy should be to research what information the community wants. Here, the community mentioned refers to the community that follows and interacts regularly on most Reddit posts of that particular niche.

This step is an intensive step since you need to study what posts are being made on the subreddit and what questions are being asked. This will help you better understand the informational needs of the users of that subreddit.

After you have analyzed their needs, you must now plan on posting relevant content that they require. For example, if you have a beauty skincare brand, then you will probably see posts with questions like how to use a certain product or how to do a certain makeup style. Therefore research them and post an answer that also incorporates the use of your skincare products if possible.

In addition, you also need to know SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Since Reddit posts can be affected by google search results, by making your post optimized you get as much reach and viewers.

Optimizing your posts by adding relevant keywords tied to the question or topic of the post is necessary. If done right, it will rank higher on Google than searches for the same questions there. They will be able to see your posts on top if you have done proper SEO.

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4- Cross Post On Other Reddit Of The Same Niche

It’s important for you to learn how to cross post on Reddit. It is an important activity to get your brand name known easily and widely. This is important because it will help you to get your brand name known amongst the subreddit. This is important because doing so will help in gaining more authority in a certain subreddit niche.

The more authority you gain in the subreddit niche the more traction you are going to get on the page. More people will be interested to read posts made by you and your comments on other Reddit posts.



Reddit marketing is an essential task compared to Google marketing. This is because Reddit posts can be made SEO-friendly so that they can be searched easily on Google. This will definitely increase your brand name on Google. To do so, you must start by creating an account on Google and start posting on relevant niche-based subreddits. Then you can start cross-posting on subreddits to gain more traction.