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How to Install HP Wireless Printer in Windows 10

How to Install HP Wireless Printer in Windows 10

HP Printers is one of the most trustworthy printers that has been used in these modern days by small or large scale industries. The printer is basically used to print, scan, and sending important documents to one place to another through fax. When any user of the hp wireless printer connects the device through his operating system then it will start performing various functions. But if the wireless printer does not support the drivers of the system then what the user will do? To Tackle these types of technical queries we have a certified team of technicians that will not only resolve these types of issues but will also give regular feedback so these queries will not occur in the future. One of our technicians has suggested some troubleshooting steps on How to Install HP Wireless Printer in Windows 10 given below.

Troubleshooting Steps to Install HP Wireless Printer:

  • Run the Setup software with the help of the installation disc that came up with the printer. To Setup Wireless Printer user will have to find an option to set it up.
  • Now the onscreen instructions will guide the user to connect the printer to Computer through USB Cable.
  • Now Disconnect the printer and attach the USB  Cable in between printer and computer.
  • Now Wireless Setup for HP Printer will take place automatically.
  • Now on the next screen, it will remain automatically in the process with network printer installation
  • Now within a few minutes, the Wireless printer will get set up automatically set up with the computer.
  • Once the Setup is done then disconnect the USB cable and click on the finish option to start the printer functions.

So By Following these simple troubleshooting steps, any user can install HP Wireless Printer Drivers for Windows 10. But in Case still, an issue persists then contact HP Printer Customer Service team  to resolve the issue. We are Available 24 X 7 to help you out.