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Tips to Getting Healthier Volumized Hair

Tips to Getting Healthier Volumized Hair

Hair is said to be the crown that one wears on their head. The textures, colors, and density of hair dependent on genetics are unique to the individual and should be celebrated. It is also fun to play around with styles and colors to best fit your mood of the day or maybe a special occasion. However, hair doesn’t always pan out as we want it to.

Bad hair days are one thing but having damaged hair or hair loss can seem even more daunting. Unavoidable environmental effects like heat, solar radiation, and friction can decline hair quality. Additionally, habits like frequent bleaching can also take a toll on the quality of your hair. This damaged hair can often be seen through conditions like brittle hair, dryness, lack of shine, thinning, and frizz.

Having unhealthy hair quality can massively affect one’s confidence. But luckily, it’s not too late to start your journey towards flawless hair. There are many ways you can maintain and even improve the quality of your hair.


Brush… But Not Too Much

By brushing your hair, you allow natural oils from the scalp to spread evenly up until the ends of your hair strands. This is great for restoring moisture in all areas of your hair. Brushing also stimulates blood circulation, which drives hair follicles in the scalp to promote hair straightening in hyderabad.

However, brushing too much is not good either. In fact, it can have the opposite effect of optimal amounts of brushing. The excessive friction will not only strip your hair of its beneficial natural oils but also easily cause breakage. This will result in a dry and less bouncy texture.

Additionally, you are advised to detangle your knots before washing your hair. This is because wet hair is weaker and thus more prone to breakage. Therefore, brushing fragile wet hair is a huge no-no.


Improve Your Washing Habits

Speaking of wet hair, it must be emphasized that washing your hair is essential to get rid of excess natural oils and dirt from exposure to pollutants. But of course, we mustn’t fail to address the much-debated frequency of shampooing your hair. Turns out, this is totally up to you.

Monitor the texture and quality of your hair at different frequencies of washing. But the general rule of thumb is that people with oilier scalps require more regular washing to remove naturally produced oil. While you’re at it, it is ideal to use a gentle shampoo to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for the hair concern you aim to tackle. Remember to steer clear of products that contain harsh ingredients such as ammonium and sodium.

Gentle ingredients are important but so is a gentle massage. Massaging your scalp with shampoo is a great way to stimulate the hair follicle cells. Also, avoid aggressively scrubbing your scalp with your fingernails. You also want to wash your hair and bathe at room temperature as heat can damage hair, whereas cold water can leave your hair feeling flat and greasy.


Condition Appropriately

Use conditioner after your wash for a silky-soft texture and the sought-after shine, much like in every hair product advertisement. However, be mindful that conditioner contains oil for hydration and creates a smooth texture. Therefore, too much conditioning can lead to oil build-up that may cause flat and limp hair. On the other hand, a small blob of conditioner is sufficient to improve the texture and manageability of your hair.


Use Relevant Hair Care Products

An extra step to overcoming hair conditions that are specific to you is to go ahead and experiment a little. First, figure out which products are suitable for your hair concerns. For instance, if one were looking to volumize their hair, a hair-growth shampoo would be ideal.

In the same line of thought, hair masks would fit the bill too. Hair masks are like spa days for your hair. After exposure to pollutants and UV rays of the sun, they can rejuvenate your hair. Apart from store-bought solutions, you can opt for homemade options, like aloe vera masks, banana masks, and the most popular of them all, egg masks.


Get a Trim Every Once in a While

Most of the time, split ends and extremely dehydrated ends hair cannot be saved. Keeping them there will only lead to frizzy and brittle hair. Instead, Byrdie suggests that trimming is necessary to get rid of those lost causes. These trims are exactly that. They do not necessarily have to be drastic haircuts. As long as you snip off those dry split ends, you’re good to go.


Don’t Compromise Hair Health for Style

Don’t compromise hair health for style

Style your hair but not at the expense of its health. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid styling altogether. Instead, there are several ways to be in style and have healthy hair.


Avoid Heat

Whenever possible, avoid using heat styling tools. Curling irons and straighteners are great for a quick and easy spruce up. But the extreme heat damages your hair and causes dryness. Instead, you can try heatless curling techniques, such as Flexi Rod Curls or Robe Curls, that leave you with the same bouncy, voluminous look.

If you do need to use heat, use a heat protectant spray prior to curling or permanent hair straightening cost in hyderabad. It is also a good idea to opt for ceramic-coated heating tools that evenly distribute heat around your hair. On that note, you would also want to avoid blow-drying your hair at the highest heat setting.


Use Cream Instead of Hairsprays

Hairsprays contain chemicals that are detrimental not only to hair but also to the environment. In addition, the alcohol in hairsprays can potentially dry out your hair. So, to give wavy or curly hair a volumized look and retain its moisture, find curling creams that work well for the characteristics of your hair and the look you’re going for best hair stylist in hyderabad.


Reduce Traction

Friction can cause your hair to lose its elasticity and flair. Therefore, it is best to avoid hairstyles that involve tying the hair too tightly. The tension on your hair strands will likely cause them to become brittle, if not snap entirely. A tip is to avoid hair ties with metal pieces as well as fine-toothed combs.


Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

You can never go wrong with a balanced diet and plenty of water as you would want to focus on food rich in protein. Moreover, hair growth is promoted by protein-heavy food, like eggs, fish, and beans. For added nourishment, consistently consuming vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and biotin, can gradually boost the quality of your hair.

Besides that, having good stress management is also one of the most important steps to achieving healthy and volumized hair. It is because chronic stress has been proven to cause excessive hair fall. Quitting detrimental habits like smoking and excessively drinking alcohol can also avoid hair damage through a healthier bloodstream.

There are many ways to combat hair damage and hair loss. It just takes some commitment to start applying these healthier habits. Therefore, having a better hair care routine is definitely bound to give you amazing results.