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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India

In today’s world, one can scarcely live without a mobile device. Mobile apps facilitate the consumption of our favorite TV shows, help us find the nearest coffee shop, and make it possible to manage our finances from anywhere in the world. In order for businesses to thrive in this new era of technology, they need to have a presence on both desktop and mobile platforms.

India has emerged as a hotspot for IT product development over the past decade, with an ever-increasing number of app developers popping up all over India. Each year thousands of new app developers emerge from colleges across India and enter this space with ingenious ideas and coding skills.

If you’re looking to have a mobile application for your business or organization, it can be challenging to find out which company is the best one for the job. However, an excellent first step would be checking out this list of India’s top 10 mobile app development companies so that you have a better idea of who to contact.


1. Groovy Web:

Groovy Web is one of India’s leading mobile app development agency. It has over seven years of experience building native mobile applications for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry platforms. The company’s success lies in turning an idea into reality without falling short of deadlines or budgets.

The company has been able to deftly blend concepts from technology and finance into a simple interface that makes finding an answer to a question easier than ever before. Groovy Web has been able to tap into this idea through its mobile application development services.

Groovy Web offers mobile app development services for both individuals and businesses as well as excels in cross-platform app development in India & across the globe and other developing countries. Its mobile application development services include creating native applications, building mobile websites and apps for iOS and Android platforms.


2. Zensar Technologies:

Zensar Technologies has been creating mobile apps since 1991 and has since become India’s leading app development company. It has built a successful reputation in the industry by delivering quality application development services at the lowest possible price point. Zensar Technologies specializes in building custom-made solutions for individual business organizations, governments, and large companies in India and abroad.

Zensar Technologies provides a wide range of mobile app development services to individuals and businesses, including a custom-made mobile website, native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, iPhone/Android/BlackBerry games, iPhone/Android/BlackBerry widgets & plugins, PSD to IOS conversion, eCommerce App Development, web application development, etc.


3. Appfutura:

Appfutura specializes in helping entrepreneurs and businesses create custom mobile applications while adhering to the highest standards for quality and customer satisfaction. The company specializes in providing customized app development services within short time frames and at affordable prices.

Appfutura offers a wide range of services, including the development of Native Applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Website to App conversion, Cross-Platform App Development (iPad, iPhone), Bespoke Mobile Apps (E-commerce/Travel/Real Estate, etc.), Mobile Games (iOS/Android/BlackBerry), Call center applications, Database Applications, etc.


4. SpaceOTechnologies:

SpaceOTechnologies is a leading mobile app development company in India that aims to help businesses thrive in this new age of technology. The company has developed more than 1,200 mobile applications for corporations, non-profits, and other organizations worldwide. Its clients include Microsoft, Nokia, HP, Sony Ericsson, Disney, CISCO Systems Limited, etc.

SpaceOTechnologies offers Native Application Development Services (Android/iPhone), Mobile Commerce Development Services (Android/iPhone/BlackBerry), Mobile Web Development Services (HTML5/PhoneGap), Interactive Media Services (Rich Internet Apps), Cloud Computing Services (AWS/Google App Engine), etc.


5. Algoworks: 

Algoworks is one of India’s leading mobile app development company with a proven track record in the industry. The company was established in 2006 and has distinguished itself from other app developers by providing high-quality services at a competitive price point.

Algoworks has been able to tap into the potential of new technologies to create some of the most engaging mobile applications for businesses across the globe. Major brands that have contracted Algoworks to provide mobile app development services include Microsoft, BlackBerry, Boeing, PathFinder, etc.


6. Octane IT Solutions:

Octane IT Solutions was established with a mission to facilitate business growth through technology solutions and service excellence. It has been able to demonstrate this through its mobile app development services.

Octane IT Solutions is one of India’s most trusted mobile application development companies committed to creating custom-made and ready-to-use apps for businesses, individuals, or even governments across the globe. Significant clients include Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems Ltd., Dell Inc., Google Inc., etc.


7. NineHertz:

NineHertz is one of India’s most trusted mobile app development companies that focuses on creating custom-made mobile applications for businesses worldwide. It has been able to differentiate itself from other app developers by analyzing the needs of each client and delivering quality services in accordance with their requirements.

NineHertz provides a wide range of mobile application development services, including native development (iOS, Android), cross-platform (PhoneGap), enterprise web apps (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript), HTML5 Video Mobile Sites (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript), HTML5 Rich Media Mobile Sites, etc.


8. Appinventiv:

Appinventiv is a leading mobile app development agency specializing in developing business apps and solutions of all sizes. It is one of India’s most trusted mobile app development companies that enables businesses to reach more customers and keep them connected at all times through mobile devices and tablets.

Appinventiv has been able to garner a large number of clients due to its ability to integrate mobile apps into enterprise-level business solutions seamlessly. The company has worked with businesses across the globe, helping them reach their target markets, improve customer engagement, and increase sales. The company focuses on such objectives by creating custom-made applications for businesses based on their goals and objectives.


9. OpenXcell:

OpenXcell is an Indian mobile app development company that has demonstrated its expertise in developing custom apps for businesses, individuals, and governments. The company has delivered high-quality services to businesses, individuals, and governments at competitive prices.

OpenXcell specializes in both custom-made and ready-to-use mobile apps for iOS/Android platforms. Its clients include major brands like Microsoft, EMC Corporation, Novell Inc., etc. The company allows clients to modify the design of the application according to their needs.


10. NetSolutions:

NetSolutions is an Indian mobile app development company committed to offering high-quality services to clients at competitive prices. The company has delivered high-quality services to businesses, individuals, and governments at competitive prices.

NetSolutions emphasizes the importance of business loyalty in India. It understands that its customers are more likely to remain loyal if they receive world-class services at competitive rates. The company is one of India’s most trusted mobile app development companies because of these factors.



It is yet to be seen if India’s mobile application development sector will continue to grow at this rapid pace. However, it can be safely concluded that India is an ideal destination for app developers because of its large market size and economic potential. Furthermore, introducing local sourcing norms will encourage foreign investors to invest in Indian firms to take advantage of government concessions. This, in turn, will result in foreign collaboration with Indian businesses and additional revenue for mobile app developers.

The increase in demand for smartphones has also led businesses to partner with mobile application development agencies. This blog showcases the custom mobile app development company that also specializes in  cross platform mobile app development. For the purpose of this blog, we have included a brief insight on each of the companies. Additionally, we have also provided the link to their respective official website.