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Top 4 UAE/Dubai Classifieds to Make Your Business Successful in the UAE

Top 4 UAE/Dubai Classifieds to Make Your Business Successful in the UAE

The UAE is a country where classified sites are the leading marketplace. From a table to cars, people always look for classified sites to buy. So, classified sites are the biggest marketplace and create an unlimited opportunity for an individual seller to sell anything or a business owner to sell his services in the UAE.

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 Dubai classifieds which are the industry giant in the UAE and you can utilize them to make your business successful in the UAE. So, without any further drama, let drive into the topic.

Top 4 Dubai Classifieds site


Dubizzle started its journey from 2005 and founded by J.C. Butler and Sim Whatley. When the topic comes to free classifieds in Dubai/UAE, the UAE people will mention a name which is Dubizzle, even without wasting a single second. Almost everyone in the UAE has a dubizzle account.

The official website of Dubizzle has millions of traffic every day. It opens a new door for every individual and business owner to promote anything in the UAE. Outstanding user experience and result-driven service make the website the leading classified websites in the UAE.

The website has both options, free and paid. If you are looking for instant results then you can go for a paid option or you can go for free. But in both conditions, there hah huge chance that you will get a result.



Here I am keeping locanto on the second position based the UAE but when the topic comes to the world classifieds, Locanto is the king. It started its journey in 2006 and now it is available in 60 countries and 5 different languages.

The UAE website of locanto which is has millions of traffic and like dubizzle, almost every people use Locanto in the UAE. It has a wide range of categories which give options to advertisers to post an ad in the right category.

Locanto has paid and free options but charges are lower than Dubizzle. But here my advice is if you want to use a premium service then go for Dubizzle. With millions of traffic every month, locanto can give you the result you are looking for.



Bazinga is the newest player in the list but the fastest growing Dubai classifieds. It has started its journey in 2018 and now it’s one of the leading free classified websites in the UAE. The founder of is Naimuddin Faimuddin Sayed. provides services just like Dubizzle. It also has a wide range of categories and unlimited option to post ads on different categories. As it’s a new player in the market so traffic on the website is not like Dubizzle but as I already told you, it’s the fastest-growing classified sites in the UAE, so it will take very minimum time to reach the goal. only have free ad posting option and equal opportunity for every advertiser. So, if you want to promote your business or want to sell anything for free then bazinga is a great option for you.



Abentra is a well-known name when the topic comes to Dubai Classifieds. It’s specially well-known for used cars for sale section. Also, recently Abentra launched in few other countries. It’s also a good website when the topic comes to Dubai Classifieds. Abentra also offers a free and paid solution for advertisers but if you want to do a paid promotion, don’t go for abentra.

Now, I believe, it’s easy for you to select the top 4 Dubai classifieds to promote your business. So, don’t waste your time and utilize the best way to make your business successful in the UAE.