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Top Ways Your Enterprise Survey Software Can Fuel Your Success

Data is the answer to every question you could have – for the most part. What do your customers expect from you? Are you meeting their expectations? Are your employees satisfied? What do you need to prioritize to improve customer retention?

You can get all the answers you need, if you only know how to collect and analyze insights from the right audience.

So, it’s safe to say that data is the holy grail to success.


But What do Enterprise Survey Softwares have to do with this?

As the name suggests, these are solutions designed specifically keeping enterprises is mind. Unlike survey softwares for individuals, these are equipped with many more features to not only reach and engage a wider audience, but also decode the data that filters in to identify trends and insights better.

Key Benefits of an Enterprise Survey Software:

1. Scalability

Enterprise survey softwares are designed for businesses as they continue to grow. One of the biggest hurdles for growing businesses is finding solutions that scale with them, after all, you don’t want to learn new softwares and platforms every time you cross a milestone and focus on expansion, do you?

Enterprise survey software is built keeping in mind that your organization will be growing, and so you can simply add on new features, increase users, and more to make it easier for your organization to scale seamlessly.


2. Customization

Not every business has the same needs. You might want to conduct surveys throughout the customer journey to identify experience gaps, or perhaps you want a website form to make it easier for your employees to provide feedback.

When a solution is built keeping enterprises in mind, it’s built knowing that every enterprise has different requirements. That’s why they give you the ability to customize the solution you buy to your needs. Perhaps your focus is great reporting and a dashboard, whereas someone else might be looking specifically for multilingual surveys to connect with their audience from across the world. With modular solutions that help you customize your platform, you can create a solution that ideal for your business.


3. Integrations

The larger an enterprise grows, the more essential it is to have an powerful digital ecosystem in place. This will help you coordinate internally, ensure all teams are on the same page, and make for a more seamless experience for everyone involved.

However, this also means that you have to be careful when adding in new solutions. In such a case, when you’re looking to add in a survey solution to better understand customer and employee experience – the usual simply won’t do.

Enterprise survey solutions like Sogolytics offer numerous integrations to work hand in hand with your digital world to ease the learning curve and ensure that you’re simply strengthening your technological toolkit.


4. Feature-Rich

What do you really need for success? Depending on your goals and requirements, the features you’re searching for might be different. If your primary purpose is to present your findings to the leadership team to be able to take the most strategic step ahead, presentation ready reports are a godsend. However, if you’re looking to share insights with different team members without overwhelming them with too many insights, role-specific dashboards would be best suited for you.

However, this is just an example. With numerous features – from analytics to reporting – designed keeping enterprises in mind, such survey softwares are equipped to handle your every need (often even something you might’ve overlooked) so you can make the most of your data.


5. Security

Customer data is priceless, which means you need to invest in protecting it. Data leaks can seriously damage an organization’s reputation, breaking customer trust and resulting in a negative market perception.

That’s why you need to invest in a software that invest in security. After all, when you conduct surveys your customer data issuing to be hosted on the platform’s servers. While most enterprise grade survey solutions invest heavily in security, it’s important to do your research as well.


6. Support

Enterprise survey solutions are designed to cater to fewer clients than those designed for individuals – and their support reflects this. To ensure you make the most of your solution, all you need to do is reach out. However, beware of which solution you pick, because support can make or break your experience.
Sogolytics offers unparalleled support to ensure every client has the tools they need to make the most of their purchase.

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5 Ways in Which your Enterprise Survey Solution Fuels your Success

Not every solution is created equal. That’s why it’s important to identify a solution that will propel you towards your goals. While the key benefits mentioned above often set enterprise survey softwares apart from the crowd, it’s important to do your research as well, especially when deciding between solutions.

Once you have your solution though, here are some ways in which you can leverage your tool for business success:

1. Improved Decision Making

More data, better insights. However, it’s important to invest in a solution that offers the analytics and reporting you need so you can best decode the data to inform your next step.

By asking the right questions to your audience at the right time, you will get the data you need, while analytics will ensure that you make informed decisions to maximize impact. Sogolytics offers key driver analytics that follows up on key metric questions to identify your key strengths and weaknesses so you know just what to focus on, while their advanced text analytics can help you sift through mounds of open-text feedback to identify concerns and pain-points that you might’ve otherwise missed.


2. Better Product Development

Want to know which features you should focus on next? Survey your customers to identify their biggest pain points and concerns, ask them about their expectations, and conduct market research – this can help you improve product development and focus on creating and improving features that matter to your customers.

When done right, your insights can help you create a powerful competitive differentiator and increase your market value!


3. Increased innovation

Looking to get more ideas? Ask around. Surveys are a great way to get the conversation going and the ideas coming. Ask customers what they’re loving or would like to see improve. Ask your employees about the most common customer complaints and more. Open text feedback can be the holy grail for ideas. However, the biggest hurdle is often going through it all to find the needle in the haystack. With natural language processing and text analytics, you can spot the most repeated concerns to focus your innovation on the most common complaints or pain-points.

By focusing the direction of innovation, you’re bound to create more potent and pertinent improvements to transform customer experience.


4. Better Risk Management

Capture insights from across the customer journey. This not only tells you all the points that matter, but identifies experience gaps and concerns that arise at different points in the journey.

Moreover, implement predictive analytics to see the impact of differing drivers on your business metrics and understand how they affect one another. This will help you better prepare for concerns and risks, fortifying strengths and improving weaknesses.


5. More Efficiency

When you start understanding what really matters across your customer journey, identifying experience gaps, and making an effort to optimize every process, you invariably end up finding touchpoint and processes that don’t need to be there! Whether it’s the one additional step to checking out, asking customers to fill in their contact details / information twice, for example, once during login or in their account, and again during shipping – it’s all things that can be made more efficient.

Small things like this might go unnoticed for ages but can cause annoyance, and removing inefficiencies can transform the experience manifold!


Create a Powerful Experience

Apart from this, an enterprise survey software can help you transform the experience for everyone involved – from employees to customers.

When you leverage it right, you can make informed decisions to improve employee engagement and efficiency, boost productivity, and create a work environment that your people look forward to. This in turn can improve the experience your employees get, whether it’s during one on one interactions or behind the scenes (like product development and even marketing).

However, while decoding data is an essential in order to make the most of the insights you gather, there is one more thing you need to get right: asking the right questions.

So, regardless of the enterprise survey software you choose, look to understand and optimize the surveys you send to improve engagement, reduce the abandonment rate, and ensure you get the answers you need (not necessarily the ones you want)!