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Which Dhow Cruise is Better Marina or Creek

Which Dhow Cruise is Better Marina or Creek

Dubai is one of the leading tourist hubs worldwide. Every year, the city sees millions of tourists. Why wouldn’t it? Dubai has a lot to offer to every type of person. It is famous for its beaches, deserts, skyscrapers, automobiles, entertainment, malls, and even cuisine. The local Dubai cuisine is one to die for, especially the seafood. Other than this, Dubai has the world’s best restaurants, catering to every taste bud. One of the must-try places in Dubai for foodies is the dhow dinner cruises.

What is Dhow Cruise Dinner?

Dhows are the traditional boats that you can see throughout Dubai. These uniquely built boats have been around for a long time and are synonymous with Arabs. Realizing their importance as a tourist attraction, many started offering food and other entertainment on board the dhows. Soon, others followed. Today, dhow cruise dinner refers to the restaurants that are built on the dhows. Interestingly, these dhows are not stationary. Instead, while eating your dinner and enjoying the music, they take you on a journey through different areas of the city.

While dhow cruise dinners are spread throughout Dubai, there are two that stand out:

  • Marina Dhow Cruise Dinner
  • Deira Creek Dhow Dinner

A popular question among tourists and even residents is which is the best dhow cruise in Dubai? The answer depends on your preferences.

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Marina vs Deira Creek

If you prefer to see the new, modern Dubai over the old one, we recommend selecting the Marina dhow cruise dinner. The reason is that these dhows will take you on a journey in which you can explore modern Dubai, including the sky-touching buildings and the mesmerizing dunes. Don’t worry about the food as Marina dhow cruise dinners offer some of the best cuisines worldwide.

Recently, there have been changes in the alcohol-related laws. Resultantly, many dhow cruises are now offering alcohol to go along with the delicious food. Other than this, you can enjoy live entertainment, including live performances from some of the best talent. But what if you are someone who prefers the old Dubai? The Dubai that existed before the high-rise buildings and the massive tourist influx?

That Dubai now exists in only a small part of the city, called the Deira Creek. Historically, is the Deira that was the city’s centre of economic activity. However, over the years, it has lost its importance to other parts of the city. But that doesn’t matter as the area is still a must-visit. The dhows in the Deira Creek take you on a historical tour of the old Dubai on one side and the newer ones on the other.


Which is Better?

In terms of scenery, we would recommend the Marina dhow dinner cruises. The reason is that there is a lot more on offer on the Marina than the Deira Creek. They both are great in their way, but the Marina is a must-see for people visiting Dubai for the first time. In terms of cost, you will find dhows at the Marina almost two times more expensive than the ones at Deira. If budget is an issue, we recommend that you try out the dhows at the Deira.

Now, let us talk about the food. Both places offer food that is rich in taste and quality. One reason for it is that they both realize the importance of food to customers. Hence, there is no compromise when it comes to food. You can find all types of cuisines on offer. Nearly every dhow offers a buffet dinner. Other than this, Marina offers a better ambience. As the Deira Creek is used for shipping/trading purposes, it can ruin one’s mood.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article. If you feel that the Deira dhow cruise are better than those at the Marina, let us know why. We would love to hear your viewpoint and incorporate it into our blog post. Thank You.