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Why Instagram Stories Ads Should Be Their Own Placement?

Instagram is a well-known social media platform. You might also have this app on your phone for entertainment or brand. Some interesting additions to the features of Instagram make it so popular. Instagram stories are one of them. It helps you to advertise your brand and run a successful campaign.

These Instagram stories appear for 24 hours and catch the attention of followers. You can run Ads on Instagram stories as they are more effective than news feeds. Instagram stories are aesthetic. So, they boom the engagement on the account. To have more views on the stories and engagement, we can buy Instagram followers and Instagram auto likes. In this article, you will learn the basics of Instagram stories ads.


 What is Instagram Story Ad?

About 250 million people use Instagram stories every day. It is an advertisement tool for influencers and small businesses. Instagram stories are full-screen and vertical. Ads do not intervene with your story, whether photos or videos. It is very convenient to approach a continuous stream of full-screen content. This feature is more aesthetic for your profile visitors. Through this, your post looks organic and provides a proper engagement for your brands. Ads link is within your story. To access the story, the user swipes up the CTA arrow. It will provide them with further information about this brand. Followers will see more details about your products.


Steps to Run Your First Instagram Story Ad

Launching Instagram ads in your stories is a simple operation. Following are simple steps to get ads in your photos and videos:

  • Create a campaign.
  • Choose the buying type.
  • Select Auction or Reach and Frequency according to your preferences.
  • Determine your objectives
  • Go for the ad set section. Click placement to select the Instagram stories placement.
  • Look for the campaign optimization section and hyper optimization
  • In the end, publish Instagram stories ads.

Criteria for Instagram Story Ads

The criteria vary from brand to brand but the general criteria are as follows:


Criteria #1: Sizing:

There are mostly three sizing formats preferred:

  • Square(1:1)
  • Landscape(1.91:1)
  • Vertical(4:5)

The resolution varies from story to story. The recommended resolution is 1080multiple1920 pixels. Anyhow, low resolution up to 600 multiply 1067 is also considered worth.


Criteria #2: Image type:

  • File type: .jpg or.png
  • File size: 30 MB maximum
  • Length: Images show for 5 seconds.


Criteria #3: Video type:

  • File type: Mp4 or .mov
  • File size: 4GB maximum
  • Length: up to 15 seconds
  • Supported codecs: H.264, VP8


Summing Up of the Blog

Instagram story ads are great for the growth and engagement rate of the brand. Most influencers prefer ads for the growth of their profile. Instagram story ads run with the story. It will not interfere with normal photos and videos. At this time of technological revolution, we can buy Instagram followers and Instagram auto likes. We will conclude our article with the following points:

  • Instagram story ads provide brand awareness.
  • It will improve the engagement rate of your posts.
  • You can purchase Instagram followers from authentic sites for organic growth.
  • You get auto likes for your posts. It will authenticate your profile for visitors