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9 Things You Need to Know Before Doing an SEO

Having more traffic and ranking on top pages of search engines is always the dream of any website owner. Importantly, every website owner wants their website to rank on the top pages of search engines. This ranking allows for the site’s growth, increasing traffic, conversions, and sales.

Search Engine Optimization is essential when seeking the success of your websites. It’s the cheapest strategy you can apply to optimize your website content to enhance its success. However, we’ve got many things you need to understand before you start SEO to achieve the best results. This article highlights 9 things you need to know before doing an SEO.


1. Find Trending and Appropriate Keywords

When starting your SEO, keywords are essential aspects that help fully optimize your content and site. Significantly, optimize your keywords by choosing the trendy keywords for your website’s content. Nowadays, finding trending and appropriate keywords is very straightforward due to the various keyword finder tools and services. These services and tools allow you to establish what individuals are searching for quickly. Choosing trending keywords is an important aspect to help drive traffic to your website or content.


2. Stick to the Right Keyword Density

Before starting your SEO, it’s imperative to understand that keyword density is a crucial SEO aspect. It’ll be good to understand the number of times you’ve used the keyword in your content or article. Experts advise that sticking to a keyword density of between 1- 2 % will help enhance the quality of content or fully optimize it. Additionally, it’ll be good to avoid spamming your keyword in the content to rank on the top pages of the search results. Search engines have unique algorithms that help to detect any keyword spamming.


3. Use long-tails Keywords

Long-tail keywords are essential in your SEO build-up as makeup to 70% of the search traffic. Therefore, before starting your SEO, it’d be good to ensure that you optimize your content and website for these long-tail keywords. These phrases are usually more specific; thus, your content will get less competition. For example, you can incorporate headings sounding like regular user search queries like ‘How to cut a papaya.’ These headings and long-tail keywords play a vital role in ensuring your website ranks appear on the search engine when users type the phrases.


4. Include Keywords Everywhere

Keywords are an essential component to enhance the excellent quality of your content and top ranking. Thus, it’ll be imperative to include it everywhere in the content. Including the right keyword almost everywhere is one of the 9 things you need to know before doing an SEO. The keywords should appear on the title, body, and even images of your article. Adding the keywords in all parts of your article is vital to ensure they appear on Google or Bing images. In addition, you should include the keywords in the webpage URL, Meta description, media file name, and alt text.


5. Create Fresh Content

Fresh content is significant for your website development and driving traffic to your site when doing your SEO. At some point or stage, you might be interested in the Google Freshness Algorithm, depending on your topic. This algorithm plays a vital role in helping you stay updated with fresh content like video portals, broadcast sites, and even news sites. Significantly, the algorithm can help you search for the most recent and relevant content on your keyword. Thus, it allows you to get fresh and latest content that your traffic or audience might be needing.


6. Prioritize Your User Experience

Despite having top-notch quality content, you may still have a lower Google search ranking if most of your users leave the site after clicking. Most users will leave your site after clicking if they get a negative experience after visiting the website, increasing the bounce rate. A high bounce rate shows that most individuals or users don’t like your website layout or content. Thus, before doing SEO, it’s always important to consider the user experience by making the website and content fresh, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, ensure the website loads fast to allow your users an easy time navigating.


7. Consider Your Competitors

Considering your competitors is one of the most effective SEO aspects you must consider before doing SEO. If you’re seeking to rank on the top pages of search engine results, it’s good to check on the pages ranking high on your keyword or niche. Understand their layout and how they are effectively using their keywords. It’ll be essential to analyze all aspects of this top-ranking website or content on your keyword or niche and then apply it to your website or content. Importantly, borrowing a leaf from the layout and the content is a crucial SEO aspect to master as you seek top search engine results.


8. Examining Your Analytical Data

It’s advantageous when dealing with SEO as you can easily analyze everything on the website and content. You can even use SEO for marketing, allowing you to gather all the data on your website. Importantly, before using SEO as your marketing tool, it’ll be imperative to consider examining all the analytical data. The analytical data may include the impressions, domain authority, referrals from other websites, the bounce rate, organics search traffic and ranking pages. This data will be vital for improving your SEO content and website.


9. Watch Out For Black Hat Strategies

Most individuals want to quickly grow their SEO and website ranking using different things or techniques. Some strategies or techniques may help improve your SEO but hurt your user experience. Therefore, it’ll be imperative to watch out for these techniques that may lead to poor user experience, such as using poorly written content you spun on other sites. Some of these strategies may cost your website ranking or user experience if you’re not careful. Before starting your SEO, outline SEO strategies and techniques that’ll help you get top-notch content and improve your web page ranking.


Wrapping It Up

Different SEO techniques are essential for enhancing the success of your website. These strategies help drive more traffic to your website, have quality content, and rank higher in the search engine results. SEO being a long-term strategy and investment, there are numerous aspects and things you need to understand before doing your SEO to ensure you get the best results. The above guide discusses the top 9 things you need to know before doing an SEO.