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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Its Basics and Benefits

It is pretty obvious that almost every sector is under digitization, and coming to businesses, it has become one of the intrinsic parts of their system. Digital platforms have proven to be excellent for many to connect with each other and get the required information from one another. However, we all have moved on from the traditional methods to the advanced ones, which is a commendable development in itself. The Digital platform is like an oasis in a Sahara desert for favourable growth rates for all the businesses! Digital Marketing has now become the primary focus for every online business that helps bring required traffic. Many of you might be eager to understand and learn Digital Marketing looking at its importance in businesses. You can find online Best Digital Marketing Courses to fulfil your desire to learn.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a platform that allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time. It is also important to note that it lets them communicate with you. In simple words, Digital Marketing refers to marketing your products or services with the help of digital media as the medium. Digital Marketing covers all the modern marketing strategies and stays on the business’s top priority list. It involves many innovative marketing tactics that allow you to reach out to the target audience through online marketing and social media marketing (with the help of the internet, mobile phones, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). It is a vast field with many exciting opportunities to grow. It can be sometimes overwhelming for the freshers as they are new to this realm of online marketing.

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Digital Marketing Basics

Before you start your journey on effective marketing planning, it is essential to understand the basics of Digital Marketing concerning various platforms. You can achieve an effective marketing strategy by incorporating a variety of components like

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing


Website Design

The first and foremost fact that you must understand is: Your Website Represents Your Business and is the Face of your Business. The way your audiences perceive your brand depends upon the structure, design, color, and even your content (writing) which impact their thoughts. That is why many websites push their ways hard to represent their brand style and personality through their websites in addition to their basic theme of the businesses. 

It is better to invest more in making your website responsive. It should appear organized, attractive, and beautiful to your audiences. Web developers should note while designing a website that it must be responsive with updated CMS (Content Management System). The crucial responsibility here is to blend design and functionality perfectly. It is evident from research conducted that 48% of the website visitors decide the credibility of the businesses through the website design. 98% of them reject the websites based on the website design. Thus, it is essential that you must optimize your website smartly. The layout and design should go perfectly hand in hand to make your website impressive. Create an easy-to-navigate website structure to eliminate any number of customer losses to your businesses and monitor your website constantly.

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SEO- Search Engine Optimization

Your website is designed perfectly and optimized for multiple devices, including mobile users. You have now designed a responsive website that leaves you with the task of attracting your target audience and them to find you. This is where SEO comes into the picture and helps you reach your target audience and vice versa.

SEO is the process that helps you improve your website’s visibility on organic search engine result pages (SERPs). It works towards helping your website appear on the top of the search results whenever someone enters your targeted keywords in the search bar. A successful SEO strategy involves link building, social network, website optimization, web design, traffic, sitemap optimization, software development, feedback, keyword research, ranking, content, and strategies. 


To Conduct a Successful SEO:

  • Find the right keywords by researching your industry that helps you identify your businesses. These keywords play an essential role in how Google ranks your website and how much traffic it brings in.
  • One of the best tactics to optimize your website is to add appropriate keywords to your site URL. Search engines go through each line present in your website to understand your intent, and from your website URL to your various webpages are analyzed and indexed by these search engines.
  • Thus, using the keywords in the title tags, meta descriptions, and heading tags will help you to improve your ranks. 
  • It is an intelligent move to incorporate keywords in your website content and blog posts.

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Social Media Advertising

Through the term itself, it is very much clear that we use social media platforms to promote and sell products and services. It is a bright idea to start your Digital Marketing journey with social media advertising. The primary advantage here is that you can choose your target audience through these social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Let us now look into a few of the popular social media platform that aids in your business growth:

Facebook – You will find an enormous cluster of people on Facebook. Creating your brand’s Facebook page will help you connect with your potential customers and make you more discoverable. It is also an interesting fact to digest that Facebook Ads are proving to be highly successful in gaining significant exposure for various businesses.

Instagram – It is known that almost 90-95% of the population engage with Instagram, and it is the best way to increase your business visibility. This platform is very effective and provides you with various useful tools to help you engage with your audience.

Twitter – It is an effective platform for businesses to reach straight out to audiences looking for new products and special deals. From research conducted on Twitter, it is evident that 93% of the people who follow medium-sized businesses and small businesses tend to purchase products from them. In comparison, 69% of them have already bought products from the companies they follow.

Pinterest – It is the most popular platform where people visit to grab new ideas. The incredible visual content you create and share on your Pinterest cab be beneficial in attracting audiences to your products or services and encouraging them to try them on.

LinkedIn – It is a platform for professionals and students to connect with one another and share their ideas. It is an essential network that helps you build your brand and engage yourself in developing strong connections online. It is a highly beneficial platform for sharing your content, keeping up with the trends, and connecting with the crucial influencers in your industry.


Social Media Management

Social Media Management is the initiative for handling all your social media profiles together on one platform. It is a better approach for handling inbound and outbound online interactions. Altogether, it allows you to streamline your conversations and participation across various platforms like blogs, public and private online communities, and social networks – Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Email Marketing

Many of you may think it has worn out. But this is where you go wrong. Email marketing is still intact and plays a crucial role in Digital Marketing. 82% of B2B and B2C businesses involve themselves in Email Marketing. Over 34% of the population worldwide tends to use email. Hence, isn’t it a good go for your Digital Marketing?!

Email Marketing has become a lot more competitive and is one of the most effective ways of Digital Marketing and is one of the crucial parts of its basics. The key role here is to make your emails stand out for your customers to look into your products or services, which is easier said than done. It is always vital that you understand the psychology of your targeted audiences before you create your email campaigns. It will only harm you and your brand if you bombard them with your emails. Try and figure out a way to send them emails in a way that is not annoying to them, and they take the initiative in noticing your emails.


Pay Per Click Advertising

It is considered an effective form of advertising capable of bringing your customers to your websites through search ads, for which you pay only when someone clicks through. Google Ads and Facebook Advertising are a part of popular PPC platforms, and PPC helps you attract quality traffic which makes it popular among advertisers.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been the uproar since Digital Marketing has come into the picture. It is one of the crucial basics of Digital Marketing. It is an efficient marketing approach that focuses on creating and sharing relevant and valuable content worldwide and eventually draws defined audiences and customers to take profitable actions. These content can be blog posts, email newsletters, articles, white papers, case studies, research papers or reports, infographics, webinars, e-magazines, e-books, videos, and much more. Without content on your website, it is challenging for you to convince your audiences regarding your products and services. Hence. Content Marketing plays a vital role in Digital Marketing in bringing loyal customers who trust you.



After reading through Digital Marketing basics and their intends, isn’t it fascinating to learn Digital Marketing in-depth and understand various of its impressive tactics for successfully marketing your products and services? You can find many sources online that are eager to help you get an introduction to Digital Marketing. Who doesn’t love free stuff?! You can also look into some Free Content Marketing Courses and get benefitted from them. Various platforms offer Digital Marketing for free and provide free certificates that will help you gain your dream job in Digital Marketing and shape your career in it.