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Top 3 Best DA PA Checker For Accurate Stats

Do you want to know your website’s worth? Make your website ranking scalable with a Free Domain Authority Checker and keep track of your progress. Domain authority and page authority are two beneficial factors for webmasters. Being a blogger or a webmaster, you always fight fierce competition with other webmasters in terms of ranking.

DA scores come in handy in a lot of ways and help you chalk out a proper plan for your online business. Surely, you need the best tools to find the DA PA checker (Page Authority Checker) of your website. This article is all about the best stuff you need.


What Does the DA score mean?

Domain authority is well defined by Moz as “is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz (Moz Domain Authority Checker) that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).”

As it is a predictive score, it must not be seen as absolute. Your DA PA score tells you the chances of your website ranking. Its score ranges from 1 to 100, where 1 is the score of a website just indexed and the score close to 100 tells that the website is a top-ranked one.

Keep one thing in mind that your DA score isn’t absolute. It means if your website gets a high DA score let’s say 60 and your competitor gets more than you. Then you need to improve your DA score because it’s still less than your competitor.


PA Score:

Just as DA tells the domain authority score of a website, PA score defines the authority of a single webpage. Collectively, the scores of all web pages contribute to a single website domain authority score.


How Does the DA Score Work?

Moz uses machine learning algorithms to find the DA authority of your website. It actually finds the frequency of your website appearing in the search results.

The more your website comes in SERPs, the more its DA scores become. However, it is a logarithmic score, which means that you can easily improve it while moving from low scores like 20 to 30. But it is difficult to increase DA scores from high scores like 70 to 80. Actually, Moz uses different factors to find out your DA PA scores.

These factors are 40 in total:

  • Linking Domains
  • Social signals
  • Quality of backlinks


Do these Scores help in SEO?

Although Moz states that DA is not a ranking factor of Google. Because Google uses complex algorithms to set your ranking. There are almost 200+ factors that Google employs to mark your position in search results. Therefore, its algorithms are efficient than Moz.

Having said that, it does not mean the DA score has nothing to do with SEO. Because the factors that Domain authority score consider come under the best SEO guidelines. So tweaking those factors may help you to rise in Google’s ranking. Thus, domain authority and page authority helps in increase website traffic .


Three Best DA PA Checkers for Accurate Results:

As you have known about the importance of the DA score. Now is the time to find it out. There are many tools available on the internet. This makes it difficult to find the right ones when you have plenty of options. Therefore, to realize this difficulty, we have proposed the best DA Pa checkers for you to give you accurate results.


DA PA checker:

This tool provides the Domain authority score of your website in seconds without any hassle. The quality of the tool is gauged by the benefits it provides its users. This tool is popular among the masses because it provides free-of-cost services to check the domain authority of the website. Moreover, it provides accurate results whenever you check it. You may not find any bug or any maintenance issue while using this tool.

Another feature that makes this tool worth using is its simplicity. Owing to the simple interface with a single button below text explains its simple use. In this way, it provides an ease to the users. Moreover, this tool can even provide 20 domain entries into the search bar to get the desired results.


Moz Domain SEO Analysis Tool:

As the name suggests, it analyzes the website domain by giving you website domain authority checker along with extra features. Moz is the company that pioneered Domain authority and developed its checker for the first. SO, finding the credibility of this tool is out of the question.

They have indexed 43.8 trillion websites so far and give accurate results when you use them to check the DA of a website. It not only gives the DA score but also the top page link and the list of top linking domains. The results are much more detailed than anyone else’s. However, you can only find the DA of a single website at a time.


Limitless Referrals:

This tool is another accurate tool to check the DA score of bulk websites on a single go. Thus fast tools give results in seconds. Its accuracy can be gauged from the fact its results are the same as Moz results which is a leading brand in this service. You can check at least 20 URLs at a time with this tool.


Summing up:

The above-mentioned tools are the best ones in the league. Use them to get accurate results.