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How to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website in 10 Steps

As a website owner , everyone wish to get organic traffic from google to generate leads and sales ultimately. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique to increasing your website visibility and ranking in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc. Which ultimately starts your website getting organic traffic from search engines. In this article you will learn how to increase website traffic organically or how to grow traffic to your website. If you will follow this article then you will definitely able to generate more organic traffic online and you will definitely thank me later.

Top 10 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic on Google

1)- Audience Research

The first way to start is to do the proper audience research and choosing the correct keyword. You have to know your audience , what they are searching, their interest etc. You can use various tools like Ahref’s , Semrush, Uber Suggest, Google Keyword Planner etc for keyword research. Keywords can boost your chances to rank your content. You have to use your keywords in these places in order to get ranking on google and get organic traffic-

  • Using keywords on Headings & SEO Title
  • Header tags
  • Using your keyword on the first paragraph of the content.
  • Rich Content


2)- Search Intent

You have to understand the search intent of the customer or the user. Search Intent is the main reason of the user’s search query. Generally search intent are of 4 types-

  • Informational search intent refers to when the user is seeking some information from the search engines.
  • When a user looks for specific web page or website then it is called as Navigational intent.
  • When user is looking to buy some product or service then it is known as the Transactional search intent.
  • Commercial refers when user search with the intent of buying the product soon.


3)- Guest Posting

Guest posting is an important aspect of an Off Page SEO. You should always know the importance of Guest Posting and the importance of guest posting in SEO. It is also known as Guest Blogging, which means creating the content on other’s websites to publish. There are many importance of guest posting services. Guest Posting Raise your Brand’s Awareness, Help you to increase your domain authority , it is also helpful to increase the traffic in your website with users having the same interest as your website or blog. Now that you have understood why guest blogging is important, you can also allow users to post on your site which will also help you in making new connections.


4)- Spy on Competitor

Always spy on your competitor and see what they are doing to generate traffic from the search engine. This will help you to discover new strategies on getting rank in SEO. You can also use various competitor tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Sprout Social etc. You will get to know in which websites they are making backlinks or what trick they are using to rank on google. 4- Most of these tools are paid but believe me that purchasing the premium versions will definitely help you to be 1 step ahead from your competitors. You can also see what the trend is going on right now, your competitors high authority backlinks and much more.

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5)- Unique Content

Content is the king ! You have to create High Quality Content which are relevant to what your users are searching over the internet. To drive the right kind of traffic you have to create the best content possible as this content will convert from the users to your customer. 5- You have to make that content attractive, which created a hook between you and your readers. Generally you can add more headings to it, seo friendly and much more. You can also use images, gifs or embed videos to it to make it more user friendly.


6)-  Good Headlines

You can also invest your time on writing your headings properly. It is the most important part of your content. In studies it is shown that the logs headlines have drive 500% more traffic. Good headlines should comprises of words that create hook. You can use – Updated List, Free , Discount etc. But you must make sure that these words should be related to what your content is on the blog post.


7)-  Focus on Images

You can also create awesome visuals in your website. Using tools like Canva or Photoshop will help you to make new concepts, data visualization and recreate charts in branding. Images keeps the user engaged to your blog. Info-graphics are one of the best examples to keep your audience engaged. Make sure to compress the size of the images or info-graphics , as high file size can also affects the load time of the website resulting in bad user experience.


8)- Helpful Content

You must refresh your content regularly in order to get rank on google. As google will suggest your site to the user if the content keeps in getting updated regularly. It’s a google ranking factor. You can –

  • Update new information
  • Add new links to resources
  • Replace outdated images or visuals
  • Fixing Broken Links


9)- Off Page SEO

Start working on Off-Page SEO and try to make your links on High DA , PA website. This will help your blog to increase authority and more reliable. The higher your DA the higher your chances to get ranked on google. After On Page SEO, Off Page Seo is the most effective way by which you can rank your website on the Search Engine. You can use tools like Ahref’s , Semrush, Moz which will allow you to export the excel sheet to backlinks of high DA, PA websites on which your competitors are making the links. Make sure to avoid toxic sites at any cost.

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10)- Fix Website Issues

At last check the Google Analytics & Search Console regularly to know and fix the errors regularly. You can fetch reports regarding the users coming at your website, bounce rate, from which country they are coming, their source of coming to your website, are they organic or not. So these were the 10 steps on how to increase organic traffic on website . Just follow these steps and you will definitely thank me later. Just make sure to use proper techniques and white hat techniques of SEO to rank on the Search Engine Results Page. If you have any issues then make sure to comment below.