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Swaraj Tractor Has Excellent Features for Improving Farm Productivity

Swaraj tractor is the leading tractor in India. The tractor of Swaraj has advanced features which are perfect for Indian farmers. It is a multi-purpose tractor that performs various farming operations effectively. Swaraj tractor has a wide range of tractors from 15 Hp to 60 Hp at an affordable price. Tractor of swaraj manufactured according to the Indian farmer’s need and demand. 

Swaraj manufactured many tractor types such as mini tractors, utility tractor, large tractor, AC cabin tractor, and 4wd tractor for various farming work. Swaraj’s hydraulic system raises the capability of a tractor that is useful for pulling operations and serious carrying. The tractor has the sturdy gearboxes that control the speed and prevent slipping. It is the best companion of the implements like rotavator, cultivator, plowing, threshing, and many more.


The Successful Journey of Swaraj Tractor in India

The tractor of Swaraj belongs to the Swaraj division, a tractor and farm equipment-making company owned by the Mahindra & Mahindra company. Formerly known as Punjab tractors, the company was taken over by the Mahindra group in 2007.  Later in 2009, it changed the name to the Swaraj Division. Punjab Tractors Limited was the first indigenously company of tractors and farm equipment.  Swaraj’s name comes with the concept of self-reliance, which is given by Mahatma Gandhi ( Father of the Nation).


Why Swaraj Tractor is Best for Indian Farming

The tractor was designed according to the Indian farming land. It has economic mileage and attractive design, which is the best combination for farmers. Tractor of Swaraj provides an effective range of features that make it the most liked tractor in India. It offers high performance in the field. It comes with highly relevant features that are suitable for Indian farming areas.

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Advanced Features 

Swaraj offers many advanced features that improve production. Swaraj comes with features that make it durable and a trustworthy tractor. The advanced features allow the tractor for high productivity. Swaraj is the finest tractor for modern farmers. 

  • Safest brakes
  • Heavy lifting capacity
  • Best steering type
  • Superb clutch
  • Robust engine
  • Strong battery
  • Best coolant system
  • The good air cleaning system
  • Large fuel tank
  • Adjustable seat
  • Mobile charger
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Steering lock

These features make Swaraj the most preferred tractor. By these features, we can state that swaraj is suitable for new-age farmers. Their new tractor comes with technically strong features that tempt the new generation farmers. The tractor of Swaraj is ready for future demand and requirements.


Powerful Engine with Higher Torque 

The engine is called the tractor’s heart, and if the heart works properly, then the body works more efficiently. Swaraj tractors consist of powerful engines that induce more Torque. High Torque means the engine has more working capacity. More working capacity helps to enhance production. High working capacity helps the tractor stay in the field for a long time and improve much output.


Comfortable and Reliable 

Comfort and reliability are the synonyms of the tractor of Swaraj. The tractor provides a comfortable seat to spend a long time in the farming field and enhance the output. The tractor has a smooth and easy functioning. It is a reliable tractor that farmers can easily trust on it. The tractor of Swaraj comes with a reliable technique that provides easy operation.


Easy to Maintain and Use  

The maintenance of the tractor Swaraj is easy and affordable. It consists of simple, accessible parts or systems. Through these accessible parts, farmers can service their tractor at sitting home. Maintenance of the tractor is done at a low price without any effort. Due to these simple systems, the operation of a tractor is easy and straightforward. The use of a tractor is simple and easy. Farmers can easily run the tractor in the farming field. On a rugged surface or smooth surface, the tractor can readily run and enhance productivity.



Swaraj provides a lot of useful accessories that help farmers for many applications. Accessories such as tools, hitch, drawbar, TopLink, ballast weight, and bumper. With the tractor, these accessories are very useful in the farming field.


Swaraj Tractor Price is Affordable

The price of Swaraj is reasonable and fair, according to the farmer’s requirement. The tractor price range starts from 2.60 lac to 8.40 lac. Swaraj has qualities such as warranty, advanced features, design, and many more, but still, its price is not high, so farmers can easily buy tractors. The cost of the tractor is relevant according to the farmer’s budget.


Achievements of Swaraj Tractor 

  • Swaraj has more than 800 dealers across India. 
  • It is the 4000 crore empire. 
  • Swaraj is the second-highest tractor brand in India.
  • It won the Deming prize awards. 
  • To interact with the customers, Swaraj organizes many events like Swaraj Satkar, free doorstep service, free service camp, Swaraj Aabhar, and many more.  
  • Swaraj has produced 15 lakh tractors in 4 decades. 
  • It is one of the fastest-growing brands in the domestic tractor market over the past few years. 

These are the special features of Swaraj tractor that make it a special part of farmer’s families. For more updates related to agriculture, tractors, and equipment, please stay connected with Tractorjunction.