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What are the Troubleshooting Steps to Reinstall Printer Drivers

Printers are the most common devices that have been used by every small business firm for their personal and professional use. The Efficiency and performance of the printers are quite good but still, there are some technical glitches that would affect its performance. There are a number of technical glitches that can place anytime inside the printer, so it’s better to Diagnose Printer Problems every time when it occurs. So in this article, we will discuss a technical glitch that is most commonly occurred in every printer i.e. Reinstall Printer Drivers.

Sometimes the printer also stopped working immediately while working on it and that thing is so irritating to every user of the printer. At this time sometimes the on-screen instructions will show that drivers need to be updated. Many users of printer don’t know how these drivers are updated but they don’t need to worry as we have a certified team of technicians that would take care of these problems. One of our technical advisors has suggested some steps to update or reinstall printer drivers.

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Troubleshooting Steps to Reinstall Printer Drivers:

  • Click the start button on the bottom of your screen, before clicking on the button make sure all the other programs will be closed
  •  Now Click on my computer tab and select properties on the screen.
  • Click on the Hardware option inside the properties and another window will open(for XP Users Only)
  • In the next window, an option of device manager will be shown click on that option.
  • Inside the device manager window locate the printer that users want to reinstall or update drivers.
  • The printer will be shown under the option of the IEEE Compatible hardware section.
  • Expand the IEEE Option if the location of printer drivers is yet to be found, An exclamation mark of a yellow triangle will show that drivers need to be updated.
  • See the printer driver on the screen that needs to be updated and now right-click by mouse on that option and select update drivers.
  • To update the driver user will require an internet connection. So After clicking on update drivers select “yes, this time only”.Now Choose the option” Install the software automatically” and click on next.
  • Now the internet will search the most current drivers and exclamation mark of that driver needs to be updated will be removed after the installation of printer drivers.

So by following these simple steps, any user can update their printer drivers automatically. But still, if some issue persists while updating drivers then Run Printer Troubleshooter procedure for any windows again. User can also contact one of our technicians to resolve such issue.