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How to Download Facebook Reels and Short Videos

How to Download Facebook Reels and Short Videos

How to Download Reels from Facebook

You might have came across several reels and short videos on Facebook and scrolling through them. You can create Facebook reels by yourself also. Scrolling through funny and interesting reels, you might have wondered what if I can download Facebook reels in phone gallery. But nevertheless, there is no need  to worry as these fb reels are possible to download by following some simple steps.

Perhaps those who enjoy watching short funny reels want to download any interesting Facebook movies. Downloading reels is useful if you later want to watch a reel outside of the Facebook app or share the reel video in your story. Regardless of your use case, neither Instagram nor Facebook offer a formal way to download someone else reels to the gallery.

Facebook has no feature till now for their users to download reels or videos on phone’s gallery. Here we have shared some simple steps by which you can download any Facebook reel or videos on their smartphone gallery. Here are the simple steps on How To Download Facebook Reels Video.


How to Download Facebook Videos on Android

I will be sharing some steps by which you can download Facebook reels in your smartphone. These are the steps-

  • Open the reels tab in your Facebook app or website.
  • Browse the reels on Facebook , and click on the 3 dots at the left bottom of your screen.
  • Now click on the “COPY LINK “ option. The link will be copied to your clipboard of your smartphone.
  • At the middle of the webpage you will see the place to paste the link of the reel. Paste the reel link there.
  • Now click on the download button. After that select your download preferred quality of the video and save the reel.

The video or the reel has been downloaded, you can enjoy sharing the reels with your friends and family members.


How to Download Facebook Reels in iPhone

You may also download Facebook videos to your iPhone with the Any Downloader: Easy Download app. All you have to do is follow these guidelines:

  • Find the video and choose it using the Facebook app.
  • By tapping the Share button, you can copy the video link.
  • Now type the link into the Any Downloader program’s video URL box. After clicking Download, your video will begin to download.
  • You can check to verify if the downloaded video is present by using the Go To Downloads option in the application. The application also allows users to download photographs.


How to Download Facebook Videos on PC, Laptop or Computer

 The method steps can be applied to PCs to download Facebook video. But a variety of browser extensions can also be used to download these videos. However, we recommend suggest carrying out the subsequent steps. It works with Windows and Mac computers.

  • Open Facebook in a new browser tab, then look for the video you want to save.
  • Go to in a new tab after opening one.
  • Copy the URL for the Facebook video you just saw from the address bar on your computer.
  • On, click the download button after copying the link.
  • Additionally, you can choose the desired video quality at this point.
  • By selecting the video with the right click, you may specify where you want it to be saved on your computer.

Why can’t you download fb or Instagram reels from Facebook ? The Facebook has no such feature to download the reel to your smartphone I.e. there is no official way to do so however we can take help of third party apps or websites to download Facebook reels on our devices whether it is an smartphone or pc.



These were the ways to download the Facebook and Instagram reels on your devices. There is lots of content available on Facebook and those were the tips and the tricks to download reels or videos from Facebook to your devices. We have shared the steps for android and iOS devices. Furthermore loons using their pc can also see the steps to download the Facebook videos or reels. I hope that you have liked my article on How To Download Facebook Reels Video. Do comment your thoughts on it.